Sunday, November 7, 2010

Lucky Strike, My Dears?

Just in case you were wondering ;)


Before I left, I wanted to share with you the three Lucky Strike Agate cabs that have been created already, and more to come in the next few months.

I am taking a break from cabbing while I get some of my own equipment into the carriage house and figure out what I'll need as far as belts and wheels, etc, so it may be a good minute until the next round of cabochons emerges.

Rare Lucky Strike Agate, 35mmX38mm

Proud, dramatic lucky strike.... how do I love thee? Let me count the ways....
perhaps it's the moss, or the intricate banding that makes me tremble in your presence...

Could it be the corals and reds mixed in with tan and ebony? Unlikely cousins all, matching perfectly when it's all said and done...

Lucky Strike Agate, 37mmX23mm

One slab can yield precious many patterns: the above cabochon, rich with feminine pink and a wonderful, nuanced matrix..... ooof. Delightful!!!!

A view from the other side...what a wonderful piece of stone.

Lucky Strike Agate 30mmX18mm

This was the first to be cabbed: to describe the joy in its corals and orange moss and speckled opaque middle, almost like rain across the distance, would be impossible.
It is intoxicating.

Like Snorkeling in Hawaii.

Flame Agate with white Plumes 35mmX25mm

There are other who have come before, shown now in all their glory, each photograph adjusted until the true colors come out: sometimes a good camera makes color pop a little too much: I want you to see how they would look if you were sitting right here with me right now:
true color.

Check out that wicked awesome drusy pocket!!! GOSH!!!

This cab is not quite finished and I am not quite sure what the material is: some sort of moss/plume hybrid, gorgeous.

This one is called "Garden of Eden"
and it makes me feel better about everything.

Brazilian Agate 55mmX36mm

Smoke signals, truly.

All of these will be either finished or set in the months after I return.

If anyone is interested in the Lucky Strike agates, do pay close attention to the blog in late November:

I will be setting a few as orphan rings
and necklaces, giving lots of advance notice before I list them in the Etsy Metal Shop.

Signing off now, write from the road later this week to let you know all that I am learning about engraving and the world at large.

Sending Love,


Nialah said...

Gorgeous stones cabbed by a gorgeous woman.

Enjoy your trip may it be filled with lots of new and exciting experiences.



Stacie @ said...

Wowzers. Thanks for the eye candy. I believe I may have drooled some, not very lady like. :-) Safe travels.

lulu said...

Flame Agate with white Plumes...
'ello baby!

happy trails!

UmberDove said...

ohhh... OH! oooOOoooh... mmNNmm... rrrmmmm...

My response to this post of fabulousity is all noises and a total lack of words.

Cat said...

Those stones are absolutely gorgeous!
Each one having it's own personality and voice...
beautiful job on those.

love and light

MrsLittleJeans said...

Wow...these are pretty amazing pieces...and I hope you have a great time learning and exploring! xoxo

Lynsey Phelps - VerreEncore said...

so talented!
beautiful work in so many materials :)

Anonymous said...

These are absolutely luscious! PJones

Willow Branch said...

Seriously stunning!! I would hang a photo of each of them in my house because they're all like little landscapes with so much depth.