Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Four Pairs of Sweets

Kingman turquoise, gorgeous vintage glass bits from my very favoritest (yes, it is a word I swear) rare bead store
and machined brass droplets from NYC...

four sweet and wonderful pairs of earrings with a great deal of warmth and handmade everything (except the ear nuts)

Molecule Earrings

Spoiling Yourself Earrings in Kingman Turquoise

Juicy Earrings

Jelly Mint Earrings

In the Metal Shop today!!

Off to list and then I will bake my first from-scratch Pecan Pie and loaves of my Mom's fresh baked bread!

Family-in-Love arrives in a bit and then the festivities begin!!



Anonymous said...

they look like Christmas Ornaments!
so must be feeling the festive season already!

love and light

Brooke said...

How sweet and colorful and warm! Happy (start of the) holidays, Allison!