Friday, November 5, 2010

Hear Ye Hear Ye!


I am traveling starting Monday and will be gone for a little over one week.

Long Beach is my destination for an engraving class HERE with one of my dearest girlfriends.
We will stay up late-ish and catch up on all that we've missed.

With these classes I will add a very key component to my designs: I've been wanting to engrave for a very very long time: it complements tooling in a big way.

After the classes I will travel to Redlands to see Phil and his Lady Tiger (rawr!!) and figure out some album stuff with Mr. Matt Coleman. I miss my friend-family down there and cannot WAIT to drink in their company.

Should you wish to make a purchase from either shop, the last day to do so will be Sunday: as of Monday the shops will be closed until the 15th of November.

I am excited to have spent the last four days in the presence of a really special woman who has reminded me how wonderful it is to continue connecting through the web.

Volcano necklace in the Metal Shop tomorrow - eeeeeeee!!!!!

Have a wonderful night,


Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful time away!

love and light

The Noisy Plume: said...

Can you just GET here already??? I have no one to spoon in the bed in this upstairs spare room tonight:) The city sounds are keeping me awake.

lulu said...

Yeehaw! So exciting...

Jealousy-overfloweth! :)

Dave said...

I am too far away from family and friends, but I love them so.. I love you, Matt, and we'll let Anthony in the mix... you going to bring him along next time?

Remember I too have a sister in the Twin Cities and need an excuse to see her, but I hope I get to hear you sing if the occassion arrises.

I bet your parents love the Steelers march... here's hoping they meet my other favorite team... THE PACKERS.