Saturday, November 6, 2010

The last of the Red Hot Metals (For a while)

Trois Bijoux

Holy holy phenomenal boulder opal and turquoise volcano necklace.
And I MEAN holy!!!

Oh, the fire.... I lined the outside of the opal bezel with sterling bead inside of the volcano, so at certain angles you get to see gorgeous texture in there, like a cherry on top of the already magnificent opal.

A little piece of low grade amethyst, and it's funny: when I say low-grade, that's jeweler's terms: it means less money, less gem material and less clout -
to me, it means earthier and I so love the light purple color.

To each his or her own!!


Finally, a pair of copper sprout earrings, lovely perfectly sized one inch circles attached to your gorgeous ears with handmade ear wires.

In the metal shop this evening!!!


'Rin said...

I love the text for the amethyst necklace. I am a very emotional and sensitive person, so I cry a lot. Though lately, I am so busy and so frantic that I feel like I haven't even the time to cry. Or more accurately that I feel like I can't spare the time to give myself over to crying. And sometimes I really need to... a previous counselor of mine referred to as an emotion bucket, and it's a concept that seems to ring true. So... thank you for the thoughtful though.

Anonymous said...

oh how I love that amethyst stone!
I am with way out weighs "grade"!

love and light

DalaHorse said...

Those pendants are awesome...beautiful!