Wednesday, November 17, 2010


(*insert big-cat-claw-hand-motion* -

I know you know what I mean, kitten!!)

A Lovely leopard print keychain and belt buckle are on their way into the Leather Shop this evening!

Before I leave for a trip I try and 'mostly' finish a project so that upon my return the momentum of the art keeps flowing:
today I finished these little gems and gosh I love tooling this unique pattern and coloring it with such subtlety!!

Leopard is so classy and kitsch all at once: I love it for its timeless charm and boundless possibilities.

Viva les classiques!!


Nialah said... you think it would clash with my giraffe print dress?



Heather Fawn said...

I love them!!!! Oh you, you are so full of greatness!

jaunebleu said...


Corinna said...

HOT!! Va-va-voommmmm!