Sunday, November 28, 2010

Working by Lamplight

As the season moves toward the time of Giving, I find myself working into the evening, which falls early these days.

My tools glisten in the light of a gorgeous antique lamp
and steam rises from a mug of tea
which will certainly soon be forgotten.

Ideas challenge me to make them real...
new techniques win their own thunder...

That gorgeous copper round that was going to become a part of a Lucky Strike piece?

It became its own necklace, the work being so exciting and worthy of its own place.
I am so smitten with engraving, with forming...

In this time of the year when the light fails early in the day, I find solace in the Caribbean colors of my studio walls
and the joy that artistic endeavor creates.

I feel like Santa, dressed in prettier clothing, making beautiful things that will adorn beautiful women and wondering to whom each piece belongs, because truly each piece already belongs to someone as soon as it becomes physical.

I look forward to these early-dark days before the winter solstice and the peaceful work therein.



Anonymous said...

Lovely words. Can't wait to see more closeups of the pieces.

Yes, you are Santa in prettier clothing!

reconstructing sarah said...

i hate to be terribly technical...but you'd be an elf...the makers of Christmas goodies....still, you're clothes are way prettier...

x. :)

Anonymous said...

lol at reconstructing sarah

your words make me feel like i am there...lovely

love and light

DalaHorse said...

Allison...your new pieces are hot....they are warm and fuzzy soul warmth adormnent....i don't have a favorite because they're all so unique and lovely! ♥

UmberDove said...

Maybe you need a Jones-beard to complete the look?