Friday, August 21, 2009

And Just As Quickly As It Began....'s over.

There is only one more song to play.
I look over at my brother as the guitar chords start to form a solid structure,
The vaulted venue over our heads filling up with sound.

This heart goes heavy and the tears spring up behind my eyes
Salty as the sea
Filling something empty
knowing the reality of our impending goodbye and the months of missing ahead
But instead of letting them run down my cheeks
I pull them into my heart

Open my mouth

and sing

and he sings

And the moment becomes 

Red Curtain

White Keys

Blue me.


jessicajane said...


Good Girls Studio said...

eloquent as always!

Anonymous said...


Dave said...

I am so glad you are touring... more people need to be introduced to your music....

There will be other venues, other road trips...

Enjoy the moment.


Irene said...

this be Matt E O and know I Miss You...

RosyRevolver said...

xoxoxo, and then some more.