Saturday, August 15, 2009

Woops a Daisy!!

Well, I don't know how I got it in my head that I could drive 15 hours in one day, but I did.
I can't really DO that, so this means that my four day trip to Spokane has become 6, two extra travel days for silly me!

I will make it worth my while by visiting rock shops and hopefully staying in a B&B if one can be found in Bend, OR.

So excited to get to Spokane and meet one amazing massage guress and see my Matt E O and his lovely Irene.

Oh, and make good music :)

The blog will be quiet, likely, unless I bring my camera! The shops will remain open with the understanding that what gets bought between Monday after 8:00 AM and the Saturday the 22nd will ship out on the 24th, a.k.a the following Monday.

Toodle OOOooo!


Anonymous said...

Have a terrific time!

Halie said...

Oh! If you get the chance on your way back from Spokane, swing over to Prineville, Oregon and find Elkins Gem Stones. Its not far from Bend...
972 South Main Street
Prineville, or 97754-2739

The owner is Judy Elkins, her father discovered Deschutes Jasper and she has what little is left of the material. We purchased slabs from her last year, and I think that she had finished cabs. There is a lot more than picture jasper in her shop, it is wroth checking out. :)

Hope you get the chance!

Runs4fun said...


To be coveted for sure! Like another of your peeps, I too thought you were already gone! Have a great trip...& enjoy that lovely Inn. Had tea in one similar on the elevator so couldn't (at 90+) can't do steep stairs...not with cancer & renal failure! These places are always so unique and full of history...imagine IF...those walls could talk!
love n' hugs

Runs4fun said...

whoops indeedy! just realized...this comment belongs on the post above this one;) lol...oh well...just making sure you're paying attention!