Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Boys and the Girls

Jones: "Oh, hai, my name is Jones and I would like to butt your head, plz."

Anthony: "Oh, rly? K thanks!! Wow, you got major air on that one - let me try!" 

(I should mention while I am writing these silly captions that Jones will headbutt you silly if he meets any of you and you get down on the floor with him. It's just the way it is around here. He's a butt-er.)

Jones: "Wait teh one minute, Mr - I do the butting!!!"

Jane and Allisunny: "Ahhhhh, sunshine."

For being a kitty with stinky breath Janey sure does smell nice - irony, non?!!!

This is the best kind of Sunday, filled with love, Ashtanga Yoga, ice-cream, reading and a small family in a small Craftsman biding their time.

Time to make beans and rice and raspberry buttermilk cake!!!


Runs4fun said...'s the guzzy-bundah's (lol...a friend's pet name for her cats). i'm dreadfully allergic, but they are kinda cute. i'll post a shot of my feline 'niece'...she's an elderly niece tho...she's nearly 21 (yep it's true)...

glad you had a heartful, happy day. the head-butten-kitty-cat is a scream!

when i used to take care of a friend's 3 of them (his name was Ring-oh...for the white ring around the tip of his tail...he was otherwise entirely black)...used to INSIST upon getting INTO the bathtub with me when i took a bath...HAD to sit in front too...LOL. very weird cat...well, that's my bedtime story for you!


jordan said...

mmmm, raspberry buttermilk cake sounds AWESOME!!!

Dave said...

Cats and friends... We visited a few over the weekend... now I'll count you, Anthony, Jones, & janey among them.



Kiki said...

The perfect way to spend a lazy Sunday!