Saturday, August 8, 2009


Today I went into the studio with an open heart and some new ideas. One of them made my nearly weep with joy when it was done - "Welcome Home!" was more or less what I said, laughing and smiling at the goal met.
It's quite simple, really - the use of rectangles and squares instead of circles, but the effect is just very Southwest, which has been such a big theme of mine lately - the return to simplicity and the first influence I ever felt to make jewelry.

It's also made with one of the last pieces of insanely vibrant, unbacked Arizona turquoise. I am wringing my hands trying to figure out where to get more of this quality.
The ring is a size 9.5 - maybe even a wee bigger.
I also made a third Tiger Grrr necklace, this time with a really neat bent on the symmetry: two sides of the 'canvas' silver are brought in to the stone, and two edges of the bezel are sawed away on the oppositesides: everything is alligned and it looks so unique and satisfying.

Lastly I made a ring for a wee finger: size 5, which is rare in my shop. It's a little sprout reaching for the stars on a textured canvas of sterling.
A wordless story, really.

I always feel strange working on the weekend, but it's not WORK - it's sheer pleasure when I get to go in and just make. Make whatever comes to mind, no custom orders ever on the weekend, just pure brain flow.

I hope your brains are flowing this weekend with all the joy in the world.


Runs4fun said...

Lovely wee works from your art-ful heart! Love the wee sprout, pinky ring. Lovely day here...sunny and comfy temps...perfect for...a long run! Warm thoughts your way.

bella-bijoujewellery said...

SO great to hear you are back in the saddle and working away :-) Sometimes the best cure for a blue feeling is creating something new!

Anonymous said...

All so beautiful, especially the city ring!

Desiree Fawn said...

Mmm, I'm such a sucker for turquoise!

Good Girls Studio said...

a big purrrr for your tiger grrrl necklace! : )

sylvestris said...

Wow, nice work. That turquoise City Ring is fantastic!

Dorothy :)

mary said...

Hi Allison....
Is the latest grr necklace spoken for? Is it on Etsy??

Kiki said...

That is a great piece of turquoise, and the GRRR necklace is a wonderful addition to the series that you've been creating. The ring reminds me so much of the illustrations in the "Little Prince"!