Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Inspired to Tears, my Goodness!!!

I went out into the back yard, which I feel so fortunate to have, and I buried my toes in the grass, but I needed to be closer to the earth so I laid down and looked up at the blue of the sky and recalled hours spent in that position as a child, figuring out which gaudy prom dress from my sister's Seventeen Magazine I would wear when I was old enough to go....
making lists, dreaming....
I feel foolish that this was my first time doing this, as a whole summer of grass presented itself to me, but that's what ten years of big city living will do to us grass dreamers.

I went into the studio and finally knew what to do with that mookaite I'd made the bezel for: it looks as though a body is lying in the grass looking up at a sunset sky with the branches of a tree in the corner of the field of vision - so I got a lump in my throat (which I have come to understand is what creates the most soulful work: kind of like songwriting - it comes out best in heightened emotion) and made an end-of-summer dreamer's necklace with a little round of sterling with some late summer sprouts and a little round of gorgeous Natural colored Brazilian Jade for a sun.

Hopefully this will keep a sun dreamer happily warmed through the whole chilly season until the grass can cradle their thoughts again!!

I also finished (it was a day of completing long ago projects, really!) an Australian Gaspeite Ring - the deepest Apple Green one can imagine, with threads of yellow all through.

Australian Gaspeite is different from the stuff found in Canada: the material is rich in beautiful red line matrix and a very chalky texture to the color: this gaspeite is gemmy, clear green of the most lush variety.

On the back is a compass, just because the green reminded me of maps and travel and the goodness of a heart that points a true north.

Both pieces will be available in the Metal Shop this evening and then creations will be quiet for a few days: this last amazing rush was a result of many 'in-progress' pieces finding their purpose: time for many more beginnings and finishing the last of the red hot custom orders!!

The happiest evening to you all, my dearest distant friends.


liz r. said...

So beautiful. I like the contrast of this necklace with the Joshua Tree one--first the evening star, now a bright sun.

That ring is killing me.

Nancy*McKay said...

~in Buddhism, the most important precept is to live in awareness, to know what is going on~

...if you were to visit Thich Nhat Hanh's Plum Village Meditattion Center in the beautiful Dordogne region of southern France, you would discover that throughout the day there are mindfulness bells to remind everyone to slow down and be aware of the present moment...YOU have done just that...YOU are one of the most mindful artists i know!

PonderandStitch said...

I really like that ring!

Kiki said...

That is simply the most beautiful piece of Mookaite that I've ever seen! Typically, the colors are darker and earthier, but this one is pastel and perfect. I've been very good about watching my pennies lately, but if I had caught this necklace in time, I think would have finally given in to temptation!
I hope we'll see some other nuggets of this shade of Mookaite in the future!
Oh, and thanks for introducing me to Australian Gaspeite! I'd never heard of that stone before!

Andewyn Designs said...

Beautiful work! Backyards are wonderful, aren't they? I spend a lot of time in mine~

Runs4fun said...

OMGoodness! Memories. For me, it's all about being in the company of trees...and water...and sand...
grass is divine too...oh my!

Seventeen Magazine! Yikes. My sis-in-law gave me a yearly subscription...I'd pour over the pages as a young t'ween /teen. I giggle along with you---at the 'gaudy prom dress' comment. They were indeed just that--back then...and the return of the gaudy dress has befallen us again. My niece exclaimed as much this past spring when searching for one! She ended up in an elegant affair---that made her look too old for her years. Perhaps a gaudier, fluffier one would have pleased me...after all!

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Liz - the gaspeite is killing me, too :) Softly!!!

Nancy - I am very passionate about Thich Nat Hahn- that is the highest compliment - thank you!!!!

Ponder: well thanks and hello :)!!

Kiki: that piece has a twin, though without the dendrites. I was thinking of making another necklace with it as it really is unlike any other piece I've seen!!
Your comments are so lovely, thank you for often visiting :)

Andewyn: aren't they though? This is the first time I have had one since I left home at 18!! Wowsers that's a long time :)

Runs: there is something to be said for the delightful gaudiness of youthful prom dresses :)

reconstructing sarah said...

sunny, that ring is magic. if it were could live the rest of its days with me in my backyard - growing sunflowers and, one day, chasing babies :)

beautiful work as always!