Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Boundary Necklace

It doesn't take much: a look that you know held rancor mixed with words that say, "Everything is fine"... An out of control insult from a neighbor.... saying 'yes' for the seventy fifth time when what you really needed to say was, "I have too much on my plate: thank you, but no."
...It's the unwarranted unkindness around you that you let slide because it would make waves to ask questions.

Every day we let our boundaries slip and slide to accommodate, to keep an uneasy peace that we don't really know what to do with when all we want is to speak the truth.

Why don't we make today the first day where the nasty comment at work is met with a meeting request and a genuine question from the heart, "Has something happened that I don't know about? I feel like things are 'off' between us.." - let's create a space around our lives by replying 
with compassion for not only ourselves but to those we feel wronged by, those with whom the air is not clear.

Let's stay home and give ourselves the chance to read a good book, journal or meditate instead of rushing out to a meeting again.

It is in this spirit that I made the Boundary necklace: two gentle sprouts wrapped loosely around a 14k gold dot, the center of your heart. We can protect ourselves with compassion: armor never works.
Two generous rondelles of gorgeous sky-blue turquoise add peaceful blue at the clasp.

Let this piece gently remind you of your own power and how quiet it can be when you own it. In the Metal Shop this evening.


Kiki said...

Times like these certainly push us to accept more than we would like to, due to the fact that we are feeling so vulnerable. This little necklace presents such an important idea in a gentle, peaceful manner.
I also love the touch of turquoise at the clasp!

Dave said...

Lori is off to her room, Dustin is off down stairs... we're days away from moving him out of the house. So today I read words from distant friends. Outside the boundaries of normal friends but inside the hearts of the passion... peace until next time a piece you post touches me...

hey... I should send you a song... it's been awhile.


sylvestris said...

Oh, that's beautiful! Bears much wisdom as well. Sorry I missed it but am glad for its wearer.

susie said...

Oh my, as a girl who has some boundary issues, I may need one of these. To be able to take an idea, a feeling, a stance on something and put into metal form, genius.

The Noisy Plume: said...

OH lady. This piece speaks VOLUMES to me:) Which reminds me, I need to speak to you about something delicate. I'll be ringing you sometime this week. Voice to voice!

Nancy*McKay said...

...sometimes it makes good sense to go back home, go back to bed...and WAKE UP all over again!