Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fling Wide the Doors of Your Heart

This world has long been wishing, hoping and waiting for your
unique beauty to shine out of your bones
and create a stir where a stir is most needed.

With open doors and open heart a house becomes a boat, adrift on an undulating piece of earth...
A person becomes a wealth of possibility cast in a thousand different directions without a single moment of strain or confusion.

What was once friendship becomes sisterhood, a spectacular shelter without boundaries of what can be discussed or how much love can be doled out...
Half becomes whole with a liberating breeze through something once buttressed and walled.

Fling Wide the Doors of your Heart so that the wildness, heartache and unbounded joys of life might know you, might meet you without your normal armor.

Fly with me: the wind is waiting to catch our heels!!!


Runs4fun said...

Warm words from a warm heart. You have such a great smile!

I can see Penny's behind sticking out;)

Hope the rest of your weekend is pleasant!

susie said...

Looks like such fun! Thank you for reminding me that grown-ups need play dates too.

Kiki said...

"Fly with me: the wind is waiting to catch our heels!!!"
What a beautiful line! Thank you for sending such a playful breeze my way!