Sunday, August 16, 2009


Two Girleees.

Cabs I cannot stop coveting!!!

My journals both made by the magnificent Lmoss
In my favorite chocolate shop (with a dark chocolate decaf Mocha. Umigosh.)

His Royal Ridiculousness.

There is a marked difference in life before the iPhone and life after. I haven't quite yet decided if that's good or distracting, but it sure is fun, and the camera is pretty durn good!

Plus I know I'll never get lost again, which will come in handy as I make my way up to Spokane.
I will definitely be visiting rock shops: I really appreciate suggestions (Thanks Halie - I'll surely go!)!

I'll be staying in Eugene, OR one night up and one night on the way back at this FABULOUS Inn!
My husband treated me to luxury and I didn't say 'no' -
Would you?

I leave you with Jones playing Patty Cake with Anthony because he's too darn cute not to share.


Halie said...

Cool! I misread your last post, thought that you were already in Bend... the brain works in funny ways sometimes. :)

Have a good trip! Bring me back a slab! heh heh.

jessicajane said...

dang lady! take lots of pics at that inn! it looks amazing! have a safe trip.

(i just had to add my word verification was buttbar.........ha!)

Good Girls Studio said...

have a lovely trip!

Kiki said...

The row of triangular cabs looks like a shark's toothy grin, and the circular cab's orbs look like a gentle spray of cherry blossoms.
On a separate note, you've got to tell us what room you're staying in! The whole place looks delicious!

bella-bijoujewellery said...

Those cabs are drool worthy - no wonder you can;t stop coveting them, I would too!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to borrow that mocha . . . no, no, just for a minute . . . you'll get it back, I promise.

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Girls, you know you all make my day every time: from the tender to the hilarious: Liz r., you can borrow a mocha any time :)