Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fun with Agua Nueva

Delicate and small Shadow and Light Ring with lovely wide band

In the shop right now, size 7.5

Insanely beautiful and large agua nueva, custom order!

Off to get some veggies at the farmer's market - big midweek hugs to all of you!


Kiki said...

The arrangement of silver "bubbles" in the custom ring is the perfect mix of various sizes. It makes an already great stone all the more interesting. The purple of the first stone is yummy!

Runs4fun said...


Allison...stop on by---I baked a wee treat for you;) Well, it's for my mom. She'll love it! It'll be a special treat for her, since she's a dialysis patient and the diet is very restrictive.

Thank you for sharing that's lovely!

susie said...

you've got me wanting to try a piece with the silver bubbles inside- if I can find the right stone to do it with, I love that look. Beautiful.

P.S. Just noticed you hit 200 sales in the metal shop -congrats!

bella-bijoujewellery said...

Wow, that big chunky ring -its insane!!
very nice!