Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Something to Ponder

Sitting inside my car Penny during our maiden solitary multi-day voyage I was reminded of so many big, big truths I so often forget when I am at home. I am writing them here not to be preachy, far from that: I am writing them to remember them when I am home again, safe and snug in my expected, nearly controlled reality.

1. Go somewhere. Spend a few extra bucks and make it luxurious if you want, but even the Super 8 has free soap: travel somewhere you've never been.
You'll find your worries lessened, your mind a bit more quiet and a stunning joy bubbling up from reserves deep inside you.

2. Every moment spent in traffic, in lines and waiting in offices or DMVs is still time: enjoy it. Stop worrying about the terrible wallpaper or the smell of tar: look at the amazing trees around you, appreciate the friendly nurse or helpful patron and be glad.
This time is no less precious than the time you spend doing things you dearly love.
Cherish it as best you can and notice the good.

3. There is no 'destination'. Even famous people feel an ache in their craw when they reach their desired goal of stardom: every runner feels a sense of preparation for the race after this one: you will never 'arrive' in one place, in one mindset, on one moment that will never shift or change.... embrace the journey to the best of your ability.

4. Be around wilderness as much as possible. Look at the impossibly beautiful bounty of Mother Nature's art that was buried far underground and be glad you get to touch that miracle as often as you'd like. 

5. Challenge the boundaries of your box, of your comfort zone as much as you can. When the outside world starts to feel a little scary and the warmth of the hearth becomes a little too hypnotic, take a day trip. Take an evening drive and chase the sunset.

Drive to work a different way - just shake it up in your day-to-day when you get lulled by the pull of the Stay-at-Home Sirens.

6. Breathe. For the love of everything, breathe!!!

7. Create a space in your soul to harvest the biggest light you can build without tangible materials.....
The world is waiting to know the peace you have to give.


Lisa said...

Thank you for the reminder. I too often forget to just enjoy the moment.

Oh, and I LOVE that house! And because I am a complete stone addict, I love those little rectangular cabs. Did you pick those up on your trip, or did you already have them hanging around?

Runs4fun said...

Beautifully articulated Allison...and some very wise 'recommendations' too!

Time is indeed precious...more so than people want to think about. They are forever saying, "I don't have time". Ahhh, but they do. We are all allotted the same 'measures' of time. 365 days in a year, 4 seasons, 7 days, 24 hours, 60 minutes, 60 seconds. Time is here. It is ours. It is how we CHOOSE to spend it that makes all the difference.

Tick tock...enjoy every precious moment AND take good care of yourself!

RosyRevolver said...

Well put. And much needed. What I would give for your level head and calm spirit! Thank you Allison. The perfect post today.

Kiki said...

I think that lesson number two is my favorite. Sometimes it is so easy just to focus on yucky background music and not the person in front of you.
I've also got to agree with Lisa; while oval cabs are lovely, there is something magical about the clean lines and delicate corners of a fine rectangular cab!

Corinna said...

Lovely, Allison. I couldn't think of a better piece of writing to sink into before going to bed.

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Lisa - Isn't the house amazing??? The cabs were purchased at Chapman's in California on my way up to Washington :) They're agate squares!! I cannot wait to set them!

Heather: Indeed, tick tock :) Time is ours and should be spent while we have it :)

JJ: Thank YOU - I have been loving your blog so much :)

Kiki - I have been going crazy over rectangular and square cabs lately: just so hard to find!!

Corinna: Sleep tight, Angel :)

Taddyporter said...

are you in Spokane NOW?!! WOWZERS! I will send you a little convo to say welcome!

and what a beautiful reminder to take a detour every so often. 'tis refreshing to the soul like a dip in the ocean! which you might want this week here: supposed to be HoT!! Maybe a lake foray to cleanse the dust off. so excited to see you sweetheart! M

Good Girls Studio said...

Lovely reminder! Thank you my dear!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much, this was lovely. It's the kind of post to dip into and take bits from as needed. Today, with my kids going back to school in a couple of weeks, it's the part about the day trips that speaks to me. I realize that even when they're at school I hang around the house in case they need me, which they don't. Time to shake it up a bit.