Sunday, August 23, 2009

End of Summer Sprouts

Arriving home in Petaluma (sans iPod - someone broke into Penny and made it their own in Eugene, Oregon... I hope they like a mix of Beyonce, George Strait and The Indigo Girls!) I noticed the summer had taken a turn into its final, gorgeous stage: Indian Summer: hot days and cool nights with an undertone of chill no matter what the temperature is.

I love Indian summer, and I also respect it as the unpredictable stage of nature grieving summer with one last push of cricket thrum and hot breezes through the knee-high blonde grass.

I joined our Great Mother and created my own in silver:

Beautiful rough-hewn Poppy Jasper  surrounded by sprouts and resting under a larger-than-normal sun. I made one in size 6.5 and one in 9.5.

I also made a necklace for a dear friend with whom I was discussing boundaries. I knew I was going to make her a talisman, but the newly made sprouts lying around made me realize that boundaries don't need to be drawn with hard things, with spikes and thorns:
they can be made with our softest, most compassionate parts.

The center of the necklace is a 14k gold dot, and the 'boundaries' are two sprouts: nothing airtight, nothing harsh, just lovely nature gathering to protect and inform decisions.

I am certain that I'll be making a few for the shop this coming week.

I am so grateful to be here after such a long drive home. This morning Anthony went to Best Buy to get some 'games' (the excuse) and brought home a new iPod for me.
The original was purchased for me by my parents and my sister and her husband for Christmas - it was such a great gift. Its loss and my feelings of responsibility for that theft made for a lot of tears yesterday.

I am so grateful that whoever has it now left my keyboard and all of my precious musical props.
And I am still obviously getting used to having automatic locks after six years of manual everything.

Either way, everything is just as it should be.
I am so grateful to have been able to post some pictures of Washington and Oregon here: such beautiful places that I long to return to.


Corinna said...

Welcome home! I am sorry about the iPod though. Someone broke into my car about a month ago and stole my entire cd collection... which was mostly mixes and burned cds. It hurt. The loss of music always hurts.

And lovely new gems. I love poppy jasper!


Runs4fun said...

Hi Allison. Glad you are safely home! I too am sorry to hear that someone invaded not only Ms Penny, but also your privacy. Disappointing indeed. You have a great attitude about it. On one of many flights across this country and then to Seattle and then up to Alaska, someone stole my CD pouch. They were IN my carry on under my feet (seat). They were 30 of my favs, and 5 of them were of me playing the piano. At the time I was not an iPod owner and they were my only copies. 3 of them were all my ARCT pieces. They are gone. And, I'm pretty sure that the person who stole it, would likely have just 'tossed' all 'that' classical stuff. (Just a hunch). Ahhhh well...c'est la vie. So loving and thoughtful of your hubby to fetch you home a new iPod to replace the gift from those who love you.
Have a lovely week.

Dave said...

Glad you made it home safely... sorry about the iPod. Boy I bet apple has an id on each one, so when the culprits plugged it into to iTunes they could find it; even if they erased your music.

If you want anything I shared with you back... let me know though I suspect it's on the computer back at home.

Michelle - Revelate said...

The Karma Police are out and about.
... but they don't help with the feeling of violation...

Hugs help though.. so here are some ***BIG WARM CANADIAN HUGS***

Glad you're glad to be home.

The Noisy Plume: said...

And one MORE big Canadian hug from me dear girl. Poor you. Poor Penny. But stuff is just stuff. Glad you're back safe with good health and a bank full of great experiences from your travels and interactions with peoples.

Runs4fun: OH NO! Your ARCT pieces? Crying shame.

PS Schmilly is the sweetest:)

Anonymous said...

Dude! Those rings are beauteous. And here I am trying to save money for my kids' after-school classes.

I am so sorry for the loss of the ipod, but how lovely of your man to pick up a new one for you.

Kiki said...

Shame on whoever took your iPod! Poor Penny, I bet she was traumatized. :(
Thankfully, you have a wonderful husband and sweet memories of a great little adventure.

I love the little pendant; simple and sweet. This piece and the simple sprout ring you made a little while back would make a great set!

bella-bijoujewellery said...

They are darling!

Poor Penny too, I hate that feeling of being invaded - my car is my sanctuary!

Ps you can add another BIG Canadian hug over here :-)

Runs4fun said...

@ Jillian. Yes! My ARCT pieces...tried to re-record them...they never sounded as good again...LOL.

Wise words tho'...stuff IS just stuff...I know I'd trade many of my worldly possessions...for certain precious one(s) in my life...for their happiness, well being...and friendship / affection.

Ann from Montana said...

Beautiful rings and pendant!

I hope that dear Penny was not hurt.

It doesn't matter what it is, it hurts when someone takes something of yours that isn't theirs - But, WOW, that Anthony!