Friday, August 14, 2009


Earrings??? Really?
I know it seems that they are most often the ignored jewelry accessory in my shop: enough is enough - equality for all shiny things is now a priority.

I applied for a really exciting fair in San Francisco in December: that means that there will be a big push to fill up the shop, I mean like to the BRIM because if I get in to this show I want to have a wealth of Sunny-ness, and so I begin!!

These earrings are very simple, made with a light and lovely gauge of sterling so you can feel that they are weightless in your overtaxed ears. There's also something interesting about one of the pairs:

Namely the Peruvian Pink Opal pair. That is one sought after color of stone, especially lovely when you pair it with little 14k gold dots underneath, but a small flaw is to your benefit - a small chip in the upper left hand corner: they will be marked down by 30% of what they would be without it, so take advantage of the flaw in the stone! You can hardly see it without a macro shoot with a Nikon.

The other pair is carnelian and the luminous nature of this stone always moves me and makes me think of water even though they are quite fiery.
Both pairs will be in the Metal Shop this evening.

I am very busily tooling a custom leather order but I felt compelled to say 'hi' and tell you that today one of the ladies in the Post Office greeted me like an old friend and showed me pictures of her new grandbaby: I think I am finally finding a groove here in
the 'Luma!

Have a stunning weekend my very dear friends!!


Nancy*McKay said...

...YOU AMAZE me...YOU are quite the busy silver bee...and these are as sweet as honey...

Anonymous said...

GASP! Beautiful earrings! And I noticed you are close to 200 sales in the metal shop--eeek!

Kiki said...

I love these earrings! The peruvian opal pair remind me of the sweet candy warmth of summertime, and the second pair reminds me of peppermint and fireplaces.

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Nancy - you amaze me: we're even, then :)

Liz - I am very excited to turn 200 :)

Kiki - oooh, I love the imagery you speak of - beautiful!!!

Runs4fun said...

yay...just takes a little time to find your pace and place...and, i'm 99.6 (to be exact) per cent certain that people warm to you readily...what with the lovely sunshine that emanates from your lovely soul...

have fun dear songstress...with your gigs...

i took mom to a town a few hours away...for the of the hightlights of which was a capture (on camera) of an amazing dragonfly....but that's just me...the sort of thing i find thrilling;) i'll frame it in photoshop and it might find it's way to a posting here.