Tuesday, September 8, 2009

And so it Is

I always know when it's coming, when a design idea can no longer be kept in the recesses of my imagination, when it must be born into the world of form.

Over the last week I have been taking a few hours out of every day and giving something precious my full attention, taking bites so as not to get overwhelmed with the process of newness.

I have married my two crafts: silver and leather bound by waxed thread and fire.

I can tell the moment of making is coming when I get restless, emotional and yet somehow still.
It's kind of like a strange kinetic meditation, if that makes any sense to you, my dear friends.

With this clutch the roses made me sigh and fill up with tenderness and the rough-hewn turquoise cabochon I set into the leather grounded me tremendously.
I was in a state of being-ness with every hammer strike on every tool, with every stitch and every brush of color.

I had nearly forgotten what passion and ache I feel for tooling.

The inscription on the underside of the turquoise, stamped on a hand-scalloped and soft as butter piece of raw leather reads "Be".

In making this bag I reminded myself of the necessity of inner stillness (from which most inspiration is plucked, surely) and thought it would be lovely to pass on the word, so simple and profound.

This piece will be in the Leather Shop today, full of love, care and indeed one of a kind.

When Anthony took pictures of me holding my clutch this morning we took a few pictures gently mocking high fashion photo spreads (here I am complete with wet hair and no stylist for miles): this was our Louis Vuitton shot.

The others are too silly to even show!!!

P.S. thank you for all the well-wishes: my strange grunge is leaving!


Runs4fun said...

Louis Vuitton eat your heart out...same goes for the sometimes air-brushed and over-touched models!

Glad you're on the mend.

That clutch is lovely!

Healthy stuff your way:)

The Noisy Plume: said...


Katherine said...


That's it, just:


Anonymous said...

Ah man, that's pretty.

susie said...

Oh my! That is brilliant. Glad you are feeling better.

RosyRevolver said...

Amazing. Stunning. You must be bursting. xoxo

Dave said...

you two are adorable.


jordan said...

HOLY SMOKES THIS IS FREAKING AMAZING!!!!!!!!! Seriously, you always amaze me with your talents to make great things, but this...well, it's another level altogether. SO AWESOME.