Thursday, September 10, 2009

For When you get Lost in the Woods....

At the times in my life when I had needed it the most, help arrived. 

Sometimes it arrived in the form of a care package from my amazing Mom with dry soups to last for weeks, sometimes it arrived in the form of a benevolent stranger with some amazing advice.

Whatever the time, I always seemed surrounded by blessings. This necklace is a talisman of sorts, but I don't necessarily believe in evil as much as I believe that we all get lost, so this is to protect your soul when you're lost in the proverbial woods.
beads from around the world. The owl is made of carved wood and has two onyx eyes, shiny and all-knowing!

There is a deer hoof for speed, an owl for wisdom, a tiger eye stone to see in the dark and a sprout to grow. The owl on this necklace is a dear piece I purchased a few months ago at my favorite bead store, a place resounding with good energy and exotic and rare pieces.
The tiger eye stone has a lovely chatoyance in the light from pale yellow-tan to darkest midnight brown. I crafted the little deer hoof out of a simple circle of silver and the sprout can be found alongside the catseye. The total length of the chain is around 19 inches.

May this necklace and its charms protect and nurture your amazing spirit and help you find our path when you are lost, and stay on the high trail when you are found


Anonymous said...

What a special necklace. I love the meaning behind each part of it.

Susie said...

Beautiful Sunny!

susie said...

Oh, I ran as fast as I could to that shop of yours only to find that necklace no longer in your window. It would appear it also spoke to someone else, I hope she wears it well. That is the magic of jewelry, for many people its never "just jewelry." I will wear my peacock feather necklace today and think of you.
p.s. Any more owls perched about?

Kiki said...

This is such a delightful mixed media piece. All of the unique elements contribute an earthy, grounded feeling to the necklace. I love your story behind each aspect of the necklace, but every time I look at the "deer hoof" I can help but think of Pacman! He'll eat all of your negative energy!