Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's Wednesday!!

UPDATE: the Banded Jasper has been claimed!


And you know what that means - stones!!!!
In looking through my collection I realized I have just that: a collection. 
Nearly one thousand stones: a result of over two years of avid collecting and some happy learning.

I can spot some pieces from a mile away and my thirst for lapidary knowledge is great. Huge. Overwhelming.

I see myself as a kind of stone steward, here to match people with their own piece of deep earth for the best purposes: healing, growing and excelling.

This Wednesday marks the first week of trying this new system. I won't be able to list every Wednesday if I'm crazy busy in other areas of life.

Pieces that are picked out this week will have a delivery date of three weeks from the time we get a final idea of what they will become a part of.

Without further Ado, here are the two pieces for this week.
The first is a spectacular piece of Malachite, with deep green banding so intense it looks black. This stone is the very soul of dramatic coloration.
Malachite is said to promote an adventurous life and fuel the imagination, which is no wonder looking at its amazing landscape - it feels like caffeine in your hand.

I could not seem to get a picture without some sort of reflection from the light of day: it has a high mirror polish and no white: that is just light reflection.
The size of this stone is 40mm X 30mm.

The next stone a jasper with beautiful banding, so beautiful in fact that it looks like the rings of growth in a tree: one ring for each year.

The banding is so subtle at the top of the stone as to be nearly invisible, but it is indeed there: little tiny rings of cafe au lait.

I could not find this particular stone's meaning in my little book of Healing Crystals, so I will simply tell you what I feel when I hold it:

It feels really, really good.
The size of this stone is 24mm round (roughly one inch)

Again with these stones it is first come, first serve, and I will update on the blog when they have been claimed.

Convo me with your interest in the Metal Shop!!


angie said...

oooooh! i love the brown one. but i don't have that artist's "eye" to imagine it as anything more than what i see, a beautiful stone. i can't wait to see what comes of it when wrapped in ideas and silver!

Emily said...

Hee, hee you are so cute! I am going to look forward to your stone selections each week :)

Aisha said...

The jasper reminds me of a buckeye, the candy/seed that is prevalent here in Ohio every fall.

Good Girls Studio said...

That Jasper does totally look like a buckeye! My mom keeps a basket of them on her desk to remind her of living in Ohio.

Michelle - Revelate said...

That malachite is YUM!