Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Stones and Such

I am on a self-imposed 'no more stones' kick - I have been forsaking things like paying for a haircut and getting a fabulous new winter coat in order to keep myself bedazzled by the art inside the earth...
I think my life needs more balance, and so no more stones, after this next round of orders I've already placed.


I am also thinking of offering a different way to make rings: quite frankly, they are not selling well in the shop, but custom rings most assuredly are.

What I was thinking of doing was offering a stone with a general price of what it would be to set it in a custom piece (doesn't have to be a ring, obviously with price changes if someone wanted it set into a giant swath of silver, etc....) what do you guys think of that idea? 

Feedback from you is always immensely helpful and appreciated.
Everyone just has that special stone they feel immediately and painfully attracted to, and I want them to be able to have it!

Like this amazing agua nueva with a desert dust storm scene - tumultuous and strangely calm, watching nature's intensity and seeing beauty in it.

This insanely large and river-like boulder opal (neat side fact: it has a divot right in the middle as this kind of opal is very 'landscape-y' and has hills - well, instead of filing the firey opal right off to get an even plane, they left a divot in the center: gives it amazing character.)

Holding it in my hand I can feel its peace. Makes me want to meditate, chant, om.

See it there?

And lastly a mookaite with a natural red 'x'. Uhh!!! It makes me want to run ten miles in the snow, which is something I never, even want to do - it's just got that much strong masculine energy in it.
There is a strong sense of protection in this stone.

These stones are just examples of how different and divergent tastes can be: colors, textures, patterns that really fill in a chink in our souls, make us feel whole by providing an energy we crave.


'Rin said...

I think that your idea is a fabulous one! ...and a dangerous one for me! You seem to acquire such lovely pieces of the earth.

Corinna said...

Wow, Allison! These are beauties!! I like the stone idea... One of the hardest parts about finding the right piece in your shop for me is ring size. I need an 8 or 9, and I tend to prefer large stones and/or large settings. Finding the right combo can be tricky, even though I adore your work and your light and your spirit!! Now, if I may be so bold, I heretofore pledge my allegiance to that dashing piece of mookaite, should I be so lucky that the incredible Allison Sattinger would set her (him?) in sterling on my behalf...

Okay, a little over-dramatic. But that's my two cents.

Hoping that you are feeling well and rested.


Aspen Wear said...

Sounds like a great idea to me, Miss Allison. Beautiful new stones!

Sunny Rising Leather said...

'Rin - I surely do love stones!! :)

Corinna: consider the mookaite yours: I'll convo you soon: my Mom is coming for a week, so you'll have time to dream up a setting :)

Aspen Wear: Thank you and thank you!! :) Hope all is well in your world!

Runs4fun said...

that agua nueva would make a cool guitar pick-inspired belt buckle! 'custom' items seem to be the 'rage' at the moment. i agree w/ the other ladies...give er' a whirl.

jewellery is sometimes just an adornment. but sometimes people take it further as an extension of self or a symbolic memory in their lives. one of the pieces you made for me is in memory of my dad. a necklace by Jillian reminded me of sharing the northern lights in Alaska with my late fiance from atop a peak in Denali...years ago.

all that blab to say...making custom pieces...may have just that bit of added meaning.

Aisha said...

This is an awkward thing for me to post, because, while one of your AWESOME pieces is on the list of things I MUST own one day, it's not going to happen for me for a while...

I like this idea. I also think another helpful thing is to maybe post the design or the ring before the actual ring is attached? I don't know how that part works... but sometimes the rings I like are too small or too large for me. But I like the idea you have a lot.

Naomi Mimi said...

i love your work, dearheart. my "cross" to bear is my tiny little bird fingers. my index finger is a size 7 and my ring finger a measly size 5!!!

i love your settings and you need to produce work that isn't going to be entirely based on the whim of customers. perhaps setting the stone and *then* attaching the needed band size for the buyer? is that possible?

Naomi Mimi said...

and that boulder opal made my heart skip a beat... lucky is the person it is meant to belong to!

opals, amber, coral and turquoise, that is what my soul is made of ^_^

dailycoyote said...

I LOVE this idea, Sunny! (though you probably could have guessed that!)

I think it is so innovative.

Your talent with stones (before they're even set in silver) is so remarkable and this really does seem like a natural next step, allowing individuals to be part of the process - connecting directly with the stones they will ultimately be intimate with.

It's so "outside-the-box" and yet so intuitive! The BEST combo, in my book! Brava!

Ann from Montana said...

Now that I have had the benefit of reading everyone's thoughts :) - a little bit of all ???

Like others, there have things I've loved that are in a size that is not mine. And while I have ideas of a dream thing now and again, design is not my forte. Yours is inspirational and I would guess also part of the fun for you.

I like the idea of a sketch of a design and the stone or even the stone set and the band after if that is even possible - as well as the opportunity to "buy" a stone and be in on the process.

And sometimes, there is just a "season" to things happening. I've waited on several items and then whoops, someone else was able to get them first. Disappointing, but I always think things get to their rightful owner...

XO! Ann

InkyTonka said...

I'm of two minds on this proposal. I love the idea of custom pieces - who wouldn't love the opportunity to buy the stone you want, have it set the way you want and in the ring size that you want? But I also wouldn't want you to stifle your obvious talent by only offering custom pieces!

Please don't think that your non-custom pieces aren't appealing. I LOVE several pieces that are currerntly in your shop. I would buy them all immediately but, unfortunately, I have to pace my purchases :)

Hopefully you can strike a balance between custom and "expression" pieces!


emmy d said...

Agreed here as well! I adore many of the rings, but just cannot place them in my budget (though I should really start budgeting out so I can!). I'm a size 8, which is a little larger than many of the rings, which also holds me back!

Good luck with the new process; can't wait to see how it goes!