Monday, September 14, 2009

Cleaned Out!!!

Today I went (with ma mere) to the Musem of Craft and Folk Art in SF and Kpoene completely took the whole collection I brought!!

I saved something for the leather shop out of that whole flock of flowers and koi I made last week:

A rare and special black koi with luxe chain and a gorgeous vintage carved coral rose.

Sigh. It makes me sing a sweeping romantic crescendo when I look at it.

My stock is getting lower and lower in leather: I am trying feverishly to keep up with both shop, keep up with convos and emails:
if it's taking me a bit longer than normal to get back to you, please have faith that I will write, that I do care and I value the time it took you to write and 
offer ideas, say hello or propose a piece for the future:

Everything's taking a bit more time these days!

Your patience is my saving grace.

I am off to go into the shop and build some pieces:
I now have a giant puffy chair in my already tiny studio: the lovely chair I bought to replace the chair Jones peed on?

Well, my Mom caught Jones just about to pee on it.
I assure you aside from this chair debacle he is a clean and well-mannered kitteh with a heart and bladder of gold.

This is actually kind of a good thing: having a big fluffy chair in there reminds me to take breaks, to rest and remember that refreshing my mind and my heart are just as much a part of creating as....well, creating!

A hug to each of you today!!


Good Girls Studio said...

congratulations on the account! maybe if you put up a no peeing sign the doggy would take the hint ;)

angie said...

oooh, that black koi!!!

jordan said...

that koi is LOVELY. just been added to my favourites has your new cuff

Naomi Mimi said...

poor jonesy. i had the same issue with sunny cat and a certain pet bed. remove pet bed, eliminate inappropriate potty habits! cats can be tricky little buggers when it comes to a sneaky pee here and there.

sunny wants to say something to jones. please excuse the poor spelling and grammar ^_^

"dear joenzee, pleze to not pee on yer momma's chare. she good momma and luv u so big. be nice too yer momma or i haf to cum dere and smaks yews. meow. luv sunnie caat."

hopefully jonesy will understand :)

love and peace to you sunny songbird.

Aspen Wear said...

That is great news!

I'm a day late, but hugs to YOU.