Friday, September 18, 2009

Fierceness, Om and The Inevitable Sadness of Leaving

Today I had promised to work on some custom pieces, but I have been so down from saying goodbye to that wonderful mother of mine that all I had the energy to do was finish two pieces I had been working on for a little while.

It's always kind of inevitable: the leaving is just as amazing as the arriving, just on the opposite end of the emotional spectrum: a bittersweetness comes into your day, makes everything kind of feel like twilight.... and you start tearfully wondering why you left home at all back at 18... and then you laugh at your adorable pity party and throw your heart into your work.

And work I did, and I am not done at all: I will be working on custom orders this evening to be done on Monday.

I wanted desperately to make another Tiger Grrr Necklace and also work on something that is its beautiful opposite: An 'Om' necklace, to temper the fierceness and balance out the fiery leonine energies of powerful femininity.


For the Om necklace I wanted to emphasize its clean lines and draw the eye onto the center where the gorgeous blue Moonstone fire is waiting to calm and nurture the eye and the whole spirit.
Both pieces are in the Metal Shop and awaiting their women.
In other news, I had my first tomato (yay!):

Jones remains cute as can be:

And I will miss that Mommy of mine until November 24th when my whole family gathers in Minneapolis for Thanksgiving.



Ann from Montana said...

Just, yes...

Anonymous said...

What is it about the grr necklaces that makes me want to own all of them, not just the one? And now the Om necklace is calling my name.

It is lovely to read what you have to say about your mom. I hope my kids feel the same way about me when they reach adulthood.

November 24 isn't too far away, fortunately.

Runs4fun said...

Well said Ann:)

Allison...what a fine balance you describe.

It's all about balance. Moderation in everything...including moderation!

Love to you. Be thankful for your wonderful mom every, single day!

Your cup runneth over...

Corinna said...

I am in awe of mums the world over! What incredible work they do.

Oh, and I love how lumporific your tomato is... Homegrown tomatoes have so much more personality!


Nancy*McKay said... are surrounded by so much are well blessed...SMILE...

Dave said...

Aw... yes sigh... it's like remembering your house concert for me... makes me want to roll over like Jones.


tmbarclay said...

Saying "goodbye" is so bittersweet........Although it's tough, it's the inevitable consequence of saying "hello", which is magnificent!!!

Taddyporter said...

Dear mommma wolf, you sure raised a precious girl, thank you for sharing her with us and safe journeys be to you!

oh goodbyes and that darn lump in the throat!! it is a wonderful thing to feel intense love for our people. make sure you get outside today and breathe in the cleansing beginnings of Autumn...adoring you in Spokane, M

Katherine said...

mum's are wonderful. i miss mine every day.


ps I love Jones. what a cuteheart!

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Ann: :)

Liz: I bet they sure will :)

Heather: That's what my dad always said growing up: everything in moderation is the key :) Love to you, too, my dear brave Canadian!!

Corinna: oh dear me did I get a good laugh out of 'lumporific' - still laughing, actually :)

Nancy: I am smiling :)))))))

Dave: I will NOT scratch your belly!!! Lol!!

Thelma: Indeed, my wise friend!

Michelle: I love you!! How is Rowdy, by the way?

Katherine: I know: it's hard to be away :( And yes, that Jones is something else :)