Wednesday, September 23, 2009

An interesting spin on Custom Wednesday....

Update: the ring has been claimed!!

Well, there are two custom orders that I finished in a state of bliss today.

I love when these days happen: all design elements flow into each other and the previous day's work still stood proud under scrutiny.

I am super excited to show these pieces to their beloved owners!!!

I also wanted to show you guys something: a new twist on Custom Wednesday as I don't really have time to introduce a new set of stones to you this week:
I have made a ring top with the stone gently resting on the bezel so you can get the idea of what it would look like set - I know some of you mentioned this would be a really beneficial thing to see: a completed project sans a few details - like in this case, a ring band and the oxidizing and brushing I prefer for finishing pieces.

The design is a take on fifties Mod, with squares and lighthearted granules and all manner of symmetry and angles.

The stone is a pristine cut of Queensland Agate in a color I can only begin to describe as Orange Juice.
It feels nourishing and humorous in your hand and glows with its own agate-y inner light - just delicious!!

Whoever writes first with interest and a ring size will be its proper owner!!

Have the happiest evening and know if you were right here I would offer you some good Vanilla Rooibos tea and some earnest conversation!!


susie said...

OOH- I am a huge fan of mid century modern, I love Eames and danish modern furniture. That ring speaks to me- I haven't seen anything like it. Very cool.

jessi sawyer said...

Oooo that mookaite necklace! Dendrites! I'm also loving the mod ring and that orange stone...yum.

reconstructing sarah said...

A- great always. lovin the new design :)

RosyRevolver said...

Yum, yum, slurp, slurp!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful customs--those lucky recipients will be very happy!

I'm really intrigued by the orange stone and the squarish setting. Very pretty and unusual.

If I were there I would offer you the blueberry muffins I baked today!

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Susie - yes, I love that era of design!!! And thank you :)

Jessi - Hi dear girl! Yes, dendrites....aren't they delicious?

Sarah: Thank you, lady!! :)

JJ - Hee heee, indeed :) !

Liz R : Well, I can always come to YOU, too - directions? :)

Anonymous said...

Go straight out east and turn right past the old oak tree. :)