Monday, September 28, 2009

Fly Away Home

These last few days have found me writing songs again in a very big way, thinking about them in the shower, on my way to get groceries, while tooling and smithing....

I cannot tell you how good that feels: I was a fallow field for longer than felt comfortable but what I must remember is that it's not my time: it is God's time and if I need stillness and other pursuits before I can refill that well then so be it.

Six months of patience and then boom - two songs in one weekend!
Today I made joyous necklaces with peaceful turquoise and lovely tooled leather feathers in my favorite monochrome toffee rainbow.

The pieces are available now in the Leather Shop, two lucky feathers made by a girl who is feeling quite lucky herself!

(I bet that nap helped, too - don't you find everything feels better after you really let yourself have a few days off?)


Nancy*McKay said...

...or just maybe...fortunate...

oh how i love it when you ruffle your feathers...i'm wearing mine now...ces't magnifique...XOXO

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Oh, Nancy I am so glad you are with your feather :) Hooray :)!!!