Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Different Approach to the Day

I live right next to some of the most beautiful country you could imagine: five minutes out of downtown Petaluma the hills roll in varieties of colors depending on the season:

Green for Spring

Gold for Summer

Brown for Fall and Winter

It is fall, and so the cow-dotted ground is the color of my favorite corduroys from childhood - a rich camel dotted in forest green.

Today in my desire to gentle the fall blues (as I had an incredibly important custom order to make that required my incredibly measured and sunshine-y energy)
I gathered up my orders to be mailed and drove off to Point Reyes, 16 miles toward the coast on a winding road with no consistent speed limit.

Jones and Janey stayed home, but I am sure they would have loved to tag along (can you see little Janey by the window???)!

Point Reyes is a tiny town famous for its fromageries (I couldn't think of an English word for it -  cheese shops... perhaps I could have just said 'cheese shops'?)

There is a bakery that melts my heart and a few really, really good restaurants that Anthony and I frequent with great affection and the locals are super kind and friendly.

Point Reyes was what the doctor ordered for me today and I came home to finish two pieces in process:
A custom order of great magnitude:

And a really neat-o Tigereye ring in size 8.25 for the Metal Shop:

The ring band says 'Warm Love' just like the title of one of my favorite Van Morrison songs: the stone is pure warmth with its fall tones and chatoyance and it came into my life in a fantastic and moving way.

I love when stones I set have secret stories and emerge from deep pockets in my heart where I have been holding on to them!

I hope you are all dreaming of boots and sweaters this evening as I am... and peacoats, too - this will be the first winter I've had in six years.

To most of you it would laughable that winter is when things actually go below freezing, but compared to the mildness of Los Angeles the frost and chill of Petaluma will merit a coat.

A yellow peacoat.



Anonymous said...

Agua Nueva! Goodness, what a stone.

The warm love ring is perfect . . . may I ask the dimensions of the setting? And do tell the story behind how it came to you!

Your day sounds just charming, and you look all fancied-up with your boots and your sweater. I like fall clothes.

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Liz R!!!

The setting dimension is:
nearly 1 1/4 inches long
nearly 1 inch wide :)

I like fall clothes, too!! :) Especially boots!


The Noisy Plume: said...

Hey toots! Just a quick note to let you know I loves yee. AND tasty ring. AND tasty boots. AND tasty kitty. AND I thought about you multiple times today. Could you feel it???

Taddyporter said...

I love it when you say "chatoyance", just such a brilliant word!

and yes I hope you are treating yourself to an awesome winter coat! it is about time sweet sister! did you say yellow peacoat? gorgeoussssssss you.

p.s. trying to finish up the sweet pickles tonite so I can send off your package! yay!

Nancy*McKay said...

...do i detect an American Craftsman...your home... why my absolute FAVE!?!

Dave said...

Ahh... we slept last night with the window open and it got down to 48... brrreffect...

Anonymous said...

*Tugging on fingers in an effort to make them longer.*

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Nancy: yes indeed, 1914 - purchased at the San Francisco World's Fair :)))))!!

Jillian: I loves yee, too!!!

Michelle: Ooooooh, pickles!!! I adore you!!

Dave: brrrrrrrr indeed! :)

Liz: heeee!! Good luck: perhaps a mini-rack????

Kiki said...

I love that little ring, with its yummy colors. It reminds me of watching fire dance against the dark brinks of a fireplace. With the cold weather hot on our heels, is there anything more lovely than having a flame wrapped around your finger?

Anonymous said...

Oh Point Reyes / Point Reyes Station... some of my best memories of my time in the Bay Area were brought back by this post... and what a magnificent home!