Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Slight Sadness, Pirates and Such

So my turquoise necklace had a fatal flaw, and as I rigorously test everything before it leaves my home I could never send it out into the world. That is all right: there are other plans afoot.

No one ever likes to see an idea fail, but how else do we ever learn?

Learning to be  pirate, for example: one has to make a lot of silly faces before the perfect 'arrgghhhh' can be found:

Gearing up...

Now that's just plain silly...



Learning can be fun!!


miznyc said...

that's the right attitude Sunny!

Runs4fun said...

Ayyyye Matey's...methinks you two scoundrel pirates would have me walkin' the plank to be keel-hauled over the barnacles!


What an adorable little man!

RosyRevolver said...

great post, A. what a cute little scalawag!