Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Extra Fancy

Incredible Chinese Turquoise (looks like Lichens!) with the new danglies and a lovely hefty bead of Arizona Turquoise. This necklace is strung on suuuuuper luxe sterling chain
and the piece that connects the chain to the pendant is a sprout!!
Delicate and strong, wishing you profound peace.

Boulder Opal of incredible quality with a rainbow of sparkles under the skin: just full of flash and fire, hard to capture on camera!

Double chain with delicate dangles placed asymmetrically and hanging organically.
The multilevel pendant is decorated with a simple 14k gold dot.

This is the work of my hands and heart, in the shop this afternoon.


love130 said...
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Katherine said...

oooo ahhh. love them all, particularly the one that includes the little sprout :)


Anonymous said...

Extra pretty! Extra colorful!

I am feeling extra perky today!

Love the blues and the danglies.

Dave said...

I love the Chinese one.

You are an incredible artisan, do you sing while you work... if so setup a cameran and do two things at once... (i.e.... I miss the youtubing.)