Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lily Pad Ring

This ring has been in various stages of done-ness for a few days: all it needed was a band, and so today I made one in a size 7.25 with hammer marks for texure and popped (sometimes when the fit is right it literally makes a delicious, secure 'pop' as it goes into place - delicious!) in the stone I have been dying over for weeks now:

A spectacular piece of collector's ocean jasper that has the colors and internal shaping of a lily pad.

Can you see the divot where it goes in, following the line of the silver?

It's somewhere between cocktail size and subtle, likely erring on the side of bigger for some, but what a stone to wear proudly and often.

In the Metal Shop this evening!!


susie said...

Looks like something Mother Nature herself might of made.

Anonymous said...


Good Girls Studio said...

ribbit ;) (that's toad speak for lovely!)