Thursday, May 21, 2009

Custom Orders

The list is full for the month of June - in early July I will let you know about the number of available custom orders.
Until then, thank you so much for the love and support and know that I leave for tour with a gorgeous wind in my sails.

I will be doing my tour blogging here, with a possible blog or two on my Myspace Page.

First stop? Plumeland!!!! Er, Pocatello, ID... Indeed, I will get to meet my friend Jillian for the second time. I come bearing gifts and Matt and Phil will bring their great humor and kind hearts.

All of these months of dreaming and planning and rejection - yes- rejection by some venues in ways that were painful and reminded me of why music is not my primary goal in life anymore: so very many people want to be stars, so when you inquire about things you kinda end up getting the short end of the stick: places assume you want to do this for fame and recognition and they treat you in a sub-human way.

It's sad. I came up against it several times. I cried out the anger and sadness on my own time and moved into the studio for the solace of tooling and stones. One creative pursuit heals, the other rips and re-stitches itself over and over again until you are strong.

And they rotate their roles - this is why I love having three pursuits: a trinity of sisters dancing in my head, giving me the courage to go forward: one pulls, the other two gently bow their heads and wait.

I love my work. I love you for allowing me to continue to do it: without your amazing support it would be very different. Many of you have become friends before, during or after your patronage and I cannot believe how lucky I am to know the people who purchase little pieces of my heart from my shops.

You are amazing and I truly have love for all of you.
Now off to practice, to clean the shop so I can come back to simplicity and readiness after the chaos of the road.

You could never know how my heart shoots fireworks for all of you.
Thank you.


Two Bees said...

Have a wonderful time and remember to have FUN! Travel safely!

susie said...

Sunnyrising - shining her bright rays all across the great divide! Will post pics of our new fishie friends, we are getting them this weekend (still have some digging and cleaning to do around the pond area first). I'm thinking maybe a black one for me. Hopeully, our puppy won't eat them (he's been picking off our frogs one by one). Back to work - have fun on our epic adventure!

jordan said...

how i wish saskatoon was on the roadmap...that'd be a pretty long trip though. maybe one day ;)

jordan said...

btw, if you ever do want to come north, i'm thinking there are more than a few venues here that would love to have you...just a tidbit...

Sunny Rising Leather said...


I would LOVE to play up there: we're already talking about our tour for next year :)