Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Growth Patterns

How interesting it has been to move, be cracked open by it and dive down deeper and deeper every day into solitude.
This is not a bad thing: it's refreshing. I am discovering that my own company is really fresh and fine, though of course I love to be around people.
In Los Angeles if you're solitary, it's likely because you aren't leaving your house... here in this adorable walking town I go outside, listen to the breeze, make lovely chit chat with shopkeepers and pick up a few things from the market or art supply store.
A very thought-provoking side note: as soon as my bevy of custom orders in the Metal Shop was finished I returned vehemently to leather.
To home, really.
Breathing in the familiar scent and feeling the same right-shoulder ache has been a balm to me in every way.
Last night I touched silver again, keeping things tiny and close to my heart.
It felt really good and told me so much about where I find myself creatively.
Next Friday I leave for two and a half weeks.... just music.... I am so amazed and grateful for the things I get to do on this earth.
Thank you for supporting me, for sharing with me and reading.
Here are the dainties to be listed in the Metal Shop later today:
An Aventurine ring, a gorgeous and suuuuper fiery opal pendant and a tiny dot of leather in a droplet of silver. Just perfect representations of where I am that I wish to share with you.


Desiree Fawn said...

beautiful as always!

Nicole Meredith said...

thank you for the wishes xo

i _know_ that your new town will grow up around you comfortably, in time. meanwhile, you know i empathize with the bittersweet beauty, and the tiny miracles found in the still eye of the storm!