Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Leaving Friday Morning!!!

OMG. I cannot contain my excitement: this tour is going to be epic: my sister and I were talking about epic trips and laughing over the fact that they include moments of both, "What am I doing? This was the worst decision EVER" to "Oh blessed Powers that Be, thank you for this moment!!"

Two of my bestest friends, a minivan and a dream.
And sooo many friends, some of which I haven't even met!!

If you like something from either store, now is the time to purchase it: everything will be listed even while we're gone because I still want people to be able to see things, but nothing will ship until June 8th.

Tomorrow will be the last day of shopping, with everything shipping Friday morning! After that it's June 8th all the way!

Off to practice and make a few more things!!!


susie said...

Travel safe, have fun!

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Thanks, dear Susie!!!

Taddyporter said...

oh maaannn! you are gonna have so much fun! I wish I could ride along in the back; I would offer massages and be your instrument carrying caddy(big muscle mama that i am)...have a fabulouso time Sunny!

and by the way, I have an unnatural fear of BEARS! we backpack and hike all summer long and I am just sure one will pop out of the bushes and get me. I have a plan just in case that ever happens(kind of a tuck & roll sort of thing). We saw a FRESH grizzly track last summer when we were hiking the Bob Marshall wilderness. Yikes and cool at the same time.

Dave said...

See you next week...