Monday, May 11, 2009


Well I got cleaned out: every little butterfly necklace, four feathers (including the one that had been in the Metal Shop) and flowers and a peacock feather eye.

My oh my... I would have taken pictures, but I was mostly driving and that was mostly harrowing. I forgot about SF traffic and my heroic husband guided me out of the city via speakerphone since most streets are one way.

The Mocfa shop is gorgeous and curated by the most charming and keen-eyed lady I have met in some time. She also happens to be an incredibly talented clothing designer. I felt profoundly not lonely there today, surrounded by beautiful things and lovely people who were quick to laugh and passionate about crafting.

I am off to the studio now as I have custom orders yet to finish and there are a few things I would like to make for the Metal Shop this week.

Big hugs to all of you!!


Kpoene' said...

Allison, you're such a sweetheart! When you get back from your tour, Shanti and Sara and I hope that we can all be crafty friends!

Anonymous said...

How great is that? Congrats!