Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Light of My Life

I am home in the bosom of my family and happier than a clam.
My mother has fed us to the gills and the guys have gone off to their hotel with their lovely ladies who came all the way from California to see them!!

I am loving the company of my best friend Jeremy (in from New York) and cannot believe what this night brought...

We had 60 people at our show this evening!!!

I sold a ton of cds, as did Matt and we are just reveling in the magic of it all, each in our own ways.

I got to have more than a five minute conversation with my Schmilly and for that I am extremely grateful: I see him in one week.

I feel like I have been away from my 'normal' life forever and it's disconcerting and amazing all at once: I have a different concept of time and distance than I have ever had before, born of long stretches of driving and several state signs per day.

Tonight I sleep in a familiar bed and hear familiar sounds, knowing that the two people who brought me into the world sleep one floor below me.

That is pure comfort.

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