Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dearest Mommy

Where do I begin? 
What melodic line of gratitude do I choose out of the symphony that I quietly sing for you on a daily basis? 
Your very essence is in my veins, your wolf-like sense of attention is now mine to appreciate: so many traits that define your earthly existence are now things I call habits and norms....
Thank you for showing me that an older house has character and is loveable in its wisdom and quirks. You have always loved things that have soul.

Thank you for giving me a healthy appreciation for both sweets and vegetables, hard work and play in its proper time... you are always the first person to tell me to take it easy when I am overdoing it and I need that more than I could ever admit to in times of stress (note to self: re-read this in a few weeks).

Without your joie de vivre I don't know if I would see the world the same way - certainly being told to "Pay Attention!" in the spring and fall as children made a big difference in the way Julie and I view the world as adults.
We are OBVIOUSLY paying attention now!

I think that without you Poppy might not have the same ease and humor he currently enjoys, either. The fact that he knows what this cup says means he has grown by leaps and bounds from the Very Serious Man he can be.

Mommy, you make people happy. You feed them and fuss over them and make them feel like the most important person in the world for as long as they're near you.

You are a protector of the innocent and a champion for those who cannot speak (mainly cats) and I think it's safe to say that you have passed that protection and adoration on to your daughters.
Why, Janey just sang your praises yesterday:

I sing your praises every day: you are the reason I have a voice and a body and this gorgeous world view (you AND Poppy, that is) and it's almost too overwhelming to imagine that one day 31 or so years ago you imagined me.
Carried me and gave me safe passage into this wondrous, fragile and ever-unfolding world...

Does it ever just stop you in your tracks with amazement?
This day is yours on the Hallmark Calendar, but in my heart (that beat right beside yours for nine months!)  it is your day always.

I love you.
More than that: 
the most.

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