Thursday, May 14, 2009

Unleashing the Power

Of Three. Amazing. Stones.
1. Laguna Agate, collector stone if there ever was: a symphony of red, pink, orange, yellow and violet. So beautiful! Size 6.5

2. Moctezuma Agate: anyone who is a visitor to my shop knows that this stone show up rarely if at all, supplied by Theagateworks on Etsy when it's available. It is delicious: this one looks like a window to heaven! Size 6.75

3. The last of the darker Honey Opal. This one has a tiny white mark of imperfection on the stone body, so it will be slightly discounted: normally the size of the stone would make this one a doozy price-wise. Thank goodness for flaws :) May I present, the last of the bee rings! Size 8.

These lovely and special rings will be in the Metal Shop later this evening, or tomorrow morning at the latest.


susie said...

Love the new pics and the choice of stones in today's pieces - hope they fly out of your shop. Have a good weekend, susie

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Susie!!! Hope you have an amazing weekend, too :)