Friday, May 8, 2009

Nesting Dolls

Note how out of order they all are.... 
Note the culprit.
He is looking a little too proud of himself.

Two days ago he actually peed in my favorite chair (yellow vinyl vintage thrift store love) which is SO completely out of character (and so not ok!) that I was keeping vigilant watch over him for signs of a bladder infection.
He's fine, just stressed about something, apparently.
Perhaps the move?
Perhaps that the house is being stalked by a cat who sprays outside our front and back doors?
Perhaps by the fact that Janey has become more his equal in many ways?

I will write him a haiku for relaxation and calm:

Jones my Beloved
Pee and mischief will not dim
My loving of you


Taddyporter said...

little man blue eyes
time will heal your troubled heart
until then use box

oh dear.
poor little Jones. I mailed your prize today instead of earlier because......I ate one of the prizes. but I replaced it. not to worry. hope your weekend is swell.

(have you noticed when you write a haiku, you start talking
and it's kind of fun.

Taddyporter said...


Sunny Rising Leather said...

Taddy of my Heart
Your comment did bring delight
To my Jones and I


Yeah, I am haiku hooked now :)

JooJoo said...

OMG!!! What a sweet cat! I had cats that used to do the same thing sometimes...but they are so precious :)

Your blog has a great feeling, full of beautiful pictures! Thank you for stopping by my blog!! xox

Amanda said...

Agh, that can be so frustrating. There's this stuff called Feliway that's supposed to calm their anxieties and hopefully reduce inappropriate urination but I can't vouch for it since I haven't tried it. Also, I hear Bach's Rescue Remedy works.

He has a very sweet face. :)