Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dear Chicago

My dearest Chi-town readers,

I have tried every venue written to me by helpful hands, every coffee shop online.... of all of the dates we've booked across the country not a SINGLE place in Chicago has returned our calls or our emails.

We will not be playing there on May 28th, apparently, unless maybe we busk in a park (?).

This sadness feels silly and heavy: I was so looking forward to meeting everyone, but I am getting a very strong message that perhaps no place there will contact us back.




::mari:: said...

Oh Allison!

I feel like I dropped the ball on this. I just talked with my roommate and he is going to call some people tonight. Fingers crossed.

Your set-up is three people, right? Drums, acoustic guitar, piano? Are you all bringing your own instruments?

I am still hopeful we shall meet on 5/28! xo.

siobhan said...

Oh dear...I was so looking forward to meeting you. Do not despair. What places have you tried to contact?

Katherine said...

Harumph, indeed!

Sunny Rising Leather said...

tried Schubas, Katherine: they were at least nice enough to write back and say they were booked solid :(

Sunny Rising Leather said...

James, it was so never your responsibility - please don't feel obligated!! We are indeed three and we've all got our gear: just need a space :)

Siobhan: Trying to be calm about it all :) To try and remember all the names is beyond me at this hour (I am secretly 85) but suffice it to say a lot of them, mostly coffee shops and artsy bars as we don't fit everywhere.

Jessie in Chicago said...

it's too bad you're not an Alice Cooper cover band...you could play at the bizarre place next door to my house.

I assume you tried Uncommon Ground? On Clark?

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Indeed, Jessie... three times between my bassist and I.... isn't that nutty?

Elaine said...

Oh, what a disappointment! I would love to hear you live. Fingers crossed that something will miraculously work out.