Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sleepy and Accomplished

Day 1.
11 hours of driving.

1 Bizarre and amazingly huge and overly-rich dinner at a Basque restaurant in Elko, NV.

3 excited people happy to jabber on with each other and catch up on all things missed living so far from each other.

Tons of stretching at rest stops.

Many, many mountains (we climbed every one)

Some Flicks

This sleepy face.... my brother!!!

Lastly, one eeeek scary motel room, which we find ourselves in now. If I wasn't with two tall strapping and completely kick-ass men I would be upgrading to Motel 6.
I could even take a picture to capture the decrepitude that is this place... just do yourself this favor: if you ever travel through Twin Falls, ID do your best to avoid the Branding Iron Motel.

Tomorrow I see Jillian and meet all manner of furry beasts... I feel better already!

G'night, friends!!!


Katherine said...

Traveling mercies to you!!

Dave said...

I love the new beard that Matt's sporting... is his hockey team still in it?



Two Bees said...

Only sometimes do I miss that open mine is filled with Palm Trees. Safe travels...who does the night watch?