Monday, May 25, 2009

Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota

Driving Driving Driving......

Wyoming and Montana:

South Dakota:

In SD's defense, we've only seen her after dark :)
My biggest sadness was knowing we were in the same state as  Shreve and not being able to bend our route. We drove 18 hours today.

We are tired beyond anything I've felt in some time: the boys are much more well-versed at late nights and pushing it to the limit... I am getting an education in endurance!!


Ann from Montana said...

Beautiful photos! Good to read that things are going well, if tiring... I'm in Vacaville sitting and resting for day - moving to Pacifica tomorrow for a week.

Happy Trails and be safe!

Sunny Rising Leather said...

I am counting on seeing you after Jun9th: I hope you're still in my neck of the woods!!!


Michaela Dawn said...

Sweets!!! you passed me by in SD :(((

I hope your adventure through was a serene one,
have a lovely ol' time passing the Tetons:)))


Michaela Dawn said...


I think I was on the other side of that rainbow the same day...

I had to change the post date but, the rainbow appeared around 7 ish on Thursday the 22nd, maybe?