Saturday, May 23, 2009

Day Two - Plume Gables and Pocatello

Today was unreal.
I felt so lucky to have spent the day with not only two of my favorite dudes (I miss you, Schmilly!) but a woman to whom so much affection is drawn: my dear friend Jillian.

This woman grows goodness all around her: poppies

Though there was one poppy that seemed a little.... different...can't put my finger on it.


Pinkerton Kitten (who by the way is going to look just like beach kitteh in a few years)

She grows love, passionate dedication and all things strong and sturdy and gave us food, laughter and immense joy. We created great memories here in Pocatello.
Tonight we played our first show at Portneuf Brewery and sold some cds and met some amazing folks.
We got to hear thunder, too...

I had a few moments where I wanted to hold my breath, so moving and precious was this day in our journey.... 
We are deeply, deeply blessed.

This might as well be a picture of the inside of our happy hearts :)


irene said...

That places looks amazing. Wish i could have been there with you guys. So happy to see all of your faces. Love you guys!! Love you Matt Coleman!!

jordan said...

aw. such a nice pic of jsl at the start...looks like a fantastic visit!

Two Bees said...

What a great collection of photos and friends! Have a wonderful trip!

Michaela Dawn said...

Wow, it already happened....

I am so overjoyed all was a beautiful adventure!
Suppose you already passed the Tetons then, eh {wink}