Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Metal Shop Makeover

It was time.
There were so many different photographs in different lights and different locales....
I am in the process, the achingly loving and difficult process of upgrading all the photos in the shop to a more cohesive series.
I found the perfect place, the perfect light - light so good the pictures don't require editing (except when my amazing camera decides to make the colors even prettier than they are: that's tricky and I have to reduce the saturation to make an honest photo) and the grey makes everything pop.
It's a day's worth of work which means I lose time in the studio, but I love my creations and I want them to speak properly from their stoney souls and that cannot happen without the proper canvas


Desiree Fawn said...

Wow, it's so much work to go and photograph all of those beautiful pieces again! Great work -- it looks wonderful!

(Not that it didn't before ^_^)

liz r. said...

The photos look great. That plain grey background really lets your work stand out.

amy said...

Sunny you've done a lovely job with your photos, the shop looks lovely and cohesive.

miznyc said...

I hear you but there is something so lovely about a random assortment of photo styles in a shop. At least I think so. lol.