Wednesday, May 27, 2009


In the middle of everything epic you do there is THAT day where you feel confused and sad and a little lost...
I am having that day today.

I said goodbye to my sister this morning after an amazing Cuban Breakfast and haven't been able to stop crying since then. Two of my best girlfriends are going through some of the most challenging things in life and sometimes when you cry you start to cry for everything in the world, you know that feeling?

It starts with your own grief and then extends to those you love and what they're feeling and pretty soon you feel like you're crying for all the people in the world who feel pain....
Do you know what I mean?

It's nearly the middle of the tour and I miss my husband more than I could have ever anticipated... I know I will wake up tomorrow and want to erase this entry because it'll seem foolish by then, but I think it's important to write things out.

Matt and Phil are amazing and I feel so lucky to be with them on this wild journey: I think of my girlfriend Terra who toured across the country several times on her own for something like 6 weeks at a time.... how many of these days did she have?

Soon we'll be on the road again and my sister's house will be a happy memory. She gave me the blouse I have always wanted to own and a scarf today since it was chilly.

It aches to love people as much as I love my people, and yet I cannot imagine it any other way.
I just forgot how deep it goes when it comes down to saying goodbye.



::mari:: said...

I know this.

All will be well; be calm and be still.


I will see you soon.


Two Bees said...

You have heard this before, "This too will pass", just don't forget. "That Day" will soon be in your past. You might laugh, you might shed a tear but it make you who you are. Try to smile while you are remembering.

Taddyporter said...

oh! I was thinking about you this morning and KNEW it would hurt saying goodbye, it is so painful and beautiful at the same time to love our people so intensely. I always want to go back and hug my sister one more time(and she is just 2 hours away).

thank you for sharing Allison. safe journeys to you...

p.s.think of the awesome hugs Anthony, Jones and Janey will get so very soon yay!

all those
gorgeous(the vibrance of people)
& interesting(oh yeah)