Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Good Morning

This is my wish list for all of us today:

That our joys are found not only in the sublime but also in the dark

That peace pervades every action

A light shining on every question that it may be answered or simply glow with mystery

Kindness as the measure of our success

Love supplying a gentle rhythm for our hearts and minds

That we receive more hugs than we expected 

That our piggy banks have even more ice cream money than we thought (so we get the sprinkles, too)

The tangled skein becomes a nest for our weariness 
In which we rest peacefully
Unwinding its kinks through the weight of our trust.


susie said...

Kindness as the measure of our success - I rather like that. Enjoy your day.

Michaela Dawn said...

What fine wishes Sunny,

I hope for you all that you wish for us and more:)

Taddyporter said...

I love this.

are beautiful
fair sunny!

nicole said...

what a wonderful conclusion - can't think of a more poetic, peaceful, graceful (or economical!) way to land.