Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thank you, Dave!!

Greetings from the Best Western 22 miles outside of Madison!!

'Tis no mystery that yesterday was a day of blue, but that all changed upon our arrival at Dave Schipper's house, home of Bluff View Concerts.

His home was lovely and the people who came were amazing: we found ourselves having fantastic conversations and lots of laughter long after we'd finished playing.

When we tour again I can imagine going out of our way to make it back to Holmen, WI - it was that amazing.

My blues lifted and onward we go. Tonight in Chicago, and I get to meet some of my very favoritest Etsy chickadees... in fact I got a hot tip from my friend Nina to actually submit an article to The Storque (Etsy's blog) about meeting other sellers across the country.
Thanks, Nina!!

Silvie's Lounge, look out: we are going to soft rock you!

1 comment:

Dave said...

Amen to that sister.... pictures up over at

I always considered you my adopted niece, wasn't cool that a real nephew showed up from Madison to see you?....

Maybe we can get him to find you a site in Madison to play at next time.